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Authentic Vision and Proaltitude Collaborate to Stop Counterfeiting in Certification

Both will strive to improve qualifications and safety for workers at heights

ProAltitude (member of IRATA) trains and certifies climbers to perform highly complex and dangerous jobs at heights worldwide. These jobs can be anything from cleaning a skyscraper windows to servicing windmills.  Unfortunately, this kind of certification is subject to significant counterfeiting as it is mandatory for climbers to perform these financially interesting jobs.

ProAltitude turned to Authentic Vision to secure all ProAltitude certificates to enable any employer or industrial customer world-wide to confidently check the certification of the workers and make sure no lives are at risk because of an untrained workforce.

Authentic Vision’s solution brought ProAltitude a new and fast solution to confidently check if a certificate is real. This solution has three components: secure, simple, smart.

Firstly, each certificate contains an Authentic Vision tag. The tag is a combination of a unique QR code and randomized hologram – which makes it impossible to duplicate.

Secondly, a mobile App enables the user to scan the label and he or she is instantly notified about the legitimacy of the certificate.

Thirdly, a web-based portal collects data for ProAltitude and each attempt of duplicating the certificate is recorded and can be analyzed later. This portal allows also deactivation of lost or stolen certifications if that should occur.

For ProAltitude this solution calls for no more fake certification cards as well as improve the value of a qualified workforce.

After several attempts, we are excited to have our certificates secured at an ultimate level. Without any previous education, a user is now able to simply and securely identify the falsified from the real certificates. We believe that besides the proper training, also securing the certifications will prevent severe injuries which are quite often the case of an untrained workforce,” said Guilherme Settanni, co-director of ProAltitude.

“Entering this market with such a high responsibility is an exciting step for Authentic Vision and we are proud to be chosen by ProAltitude. Following success in other industries and world territories, we are confident our solution will make an impact within the Brazilian market too, as there are many local assets to be protected against fraudulent activities. At Authentic Vision we value the originality and integrity behind every product and every company – no matter whether it’s an education certificate, bottle of beverage or industrial application.,” said Chris Reiser, CEO of Authentic Vision.

Editors notes: ProAltitude, recognized as part of the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), trains educates and certifies industrial climbers who has successfully completed trainings in rope access, rescue, and cargo handling.

Authentic Vision is the recognized expert in brand protection and consumer engagement.