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Guala Closures Group Partners with Authentic Vision for “Smart” New Anti-Counterfeiting Closure Solution


Alliance to fight counterfeiting and re-filling, provide trade parallel insights and enable consumer engagement


Guala Closures Group and Authentic Vision have joined forces to launch a new anti-counterfeiting closure solution with a wealth of end-consumer marketing opportunities for the spirits, wine and olive oil industries.

The innovative solution will work by enabling smartphone users to verify the authenticity and origin of a product before consumption, while simultaneously interacting with the brand owners.

The end-to-end solution will comprise three main parts:

  • One: a Guala Closures non-refillable closure specially designed to integrate Authentic Vision’s Tag (a highly secure, irreproducible configuration combining a 3D image with an encrypted visual marker such as an ID number, QR code or Datamatrix) inside a secure environment.
  • Two: a smartphone app which reads the integrated closure tag, instantly authenticates the product and lets the consumer know if the closure is counterfeit, or has been tampered with in any way.
  • Three: a web-based portal, giving brands access to marketing, business intelligence and supply chain data for all their products.

“We are particularly proud to have signed this agreement with Authentic Vision.  The development of our Group has always been dedicated to and focused on brand protection and final consumer health and this digital technology collaboration means we can further enhance the current level of protection we offer,” comments Maurizio Mittino, head of research and innovation at Guala Closures Group.  “As done recently with other strategic partners, what we do with Authentic Vision will certainly help us better meet the needs of the market.”

“We are excited about this opportunity with Guala Closures,” adds Chris Reiser, CEO at Authentic Vision.  “Considering they manufacture up to 14 billion closures a year, there is enormous scope for engagement with smartphone users around the world.  Our unique and patented technology allows us to offer many different options for secure authentication and consumer engagement solutions.  The combination of an irreproducible tag and a smartphone app provides the easiest-to-use solution for consumers worldwide.”

In addition to anti-counterfeiting measures and opening up a wealth of marketing opportunities targeted at the end consumers, the new closure integrated solution offers a highly competitive price per unit as it does not require any additional device for application, thus opening massive growth opportunities.

Editors’ Notes

Guala Closures Group is the multinational worldwide leader in safety closures to protect spirits, wine and olive oil brands from counterfeiting.

Authentic Vision is the recognized expert in brand protection and consumer engagement.

Date of issue: March 23 2016

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