MyMediabox and Authentic Vision Collaborate to Deliver Industry-leading Authentication and Royalty Compliance Solution

MyMediabox and Authentic Vision Collaborate to Deliver Industry-leading Authentication and Royalty Compliance Solution, helping companies mitigate counterfeiting and reputation risks.

Salzburg, Austria. September 24, 2019: MyMediabox is set to announce its newest product, Mediabox-SM (Security Manager), in partnership with Authentic Vision, a leader in the security tag technology space. Mediabox-SM, which is the result of feedback from licensors and licensees and from years of market research, is the first turnkey solution for managing the selection of security tags across multiple technology partners. The product will be unveiled at Brand Licensing Europe in London this October, when select MyMediabox clients will be invited to a soft launch pilot program, in order to beta test the application during Q4 of 2019. Mediabox-SM is scheduled for wide release in January 2020.

Mediabox-SM’s soft launch integrates Authentic Vision’s security tag into the Mediabox-PA (Product Approvals) process for select projects and manages the ordering, production and fulfillment of security tags from licensor to agent to licensee. In 2020, the security tag options will expand across multiple technology partners.

Creating an integrated solution between Mediabox-PA and Mediabox-SM – with APIs connecting to technology partners for the production and fulfillment of security tags – the Mediabox-SM software eliminates much of the labor-intensive process of finding and negotiating with vendors, ordering tags, collecting disparate reports from hundreds of licensees, and reconciling security tag inventory and uses across thousands of SKUs.

The combination of advanced technologies from MyMediabox and Authentic Vision provides businesses with a turnkey solution that is easy to administer and protects their investments in product innovation and brand reputation while mitigating the threats of counterfeits and fraud.

“Our partnership with MyMediabox and the development of Mediabox-SM provide licensors with the best platform for product authentication and brand protection. Authentic Vision’s unique Holographic Fingerprint™ tag can only be produced once, making it the best solution for license compliance. The complete solution is a winning combination from every aspect – process management, ease-of-use, fulfillment, asset protection, and reporting,” noted Authentic Vision’s Founder and CEO, Thomas Weiss.

Authentic Vision’s anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies mitigate the threats of counterfeiting and fraud. The integration of Authentic Vision’s innovative and patented unique Holographic Fingerprint™ tag, encrypted random serialization, and advanced analytics API enable real-time reporting for companies adopting MyMediabox-SM.

“We are proud to be coming to market with our first technology partner, Authentic Vision. We wanted to partner with Authentic Vision because they were early to recognize the value Mediabox-SM will bring to the licensing industry, and their sophisticated security tags and online technology platform and metrics are a perfect fit for our clients,” stated MyMediabox Founder and CEO, Eric Rennagel.

MyMediabox believes that by introducing these cutting-edge security device technologies at the beginning of the product approval process, they can help licensors and licensees leverage these technologies more broadly to fight counterfeiting, grey markets, and lost royalties, and to protect consumers.

About MyMediabox

MyMediabox conceives, develops and licenses high performance, “best-in-class” online business productivity software applications for the Consumer Products Licensing, Television/Film Distribution and Music industries. Founded in 2001, MyMediabox provides intuitive SaaS products that focus on managing the intellectual property lifecycle, from initial conception and creation of digital assets to contracts/rights management to product development workflows. In addition to its suite of online solutions, MyMediabox also leverages its extensive experience in the licensing space to advise its clients of the technology tools available to streamline their business practices and improve profitability.

About Authentic Vision

Authentic Vision provides anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies designed to protect your organization’s investments in product innovation, brand value and reputation while creating new opportunities to increase trust and engagement with consumers. The company’s patented Holographic Fingerprint™ tag, mobile authentication app and real-time analytics capabilities protect physical assets from counterfeiting and alert brand and product owners to potentially fraudulent activity. Their anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies help to minimize lost revenues and mitigate liability due to counterfeits and create new opportunities to engage with consumers through loyalty programs, incentives and future experiences that bridge the physical and digital. Visit to learn more about their solutions, view case studies, download their consumer app or read the latest insights on how anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies can help your organization.