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Secure Tagging

Secure your products with our holographic fingerprint – so unique even we can’t duplicate it.

2FA Security Tag, Authentic Vision

Simple Scan

Instantly authenticate your goods with our AI-driven image-processing technology on any smartphone.

automated mobile product authentication system

Smart Data

Use real-time business insights and market intelligence to make better decisions, gain more control and open new opportunities.

Authentic Vision, Product Reporting and Analytics
Levensohn Vineyards

“Authentic Vision has delivered a superb, cutting edge technology solution, and we are delighted to be working with them.”

Pascal Levensohn, Levensohn Vineyards Owner
HDMI, Authentic Vision

“While dealing with over 1600 global licensees, solution integration and on boarding were surprisingly easy – Authentic Vision did a fantastic job.“

product authentication, lamina technologies

A majority of surveyed users have stated that they have used Authentic Visions Check-It authentication system.  

Lamina Technologies

“Thanks to Authentic Vision, we can provide unforgeable certificates and a convenient and efficient tool that enables any interested party to quickly authenticate our DNA certificates without expensive tools or analysis.”

Mag. Dr. Anja Geretschläger, CEO, Feragen

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