The Tag Revolution: Customer and Commerce Empowerment with Unique Holographic Fingerprint™ Technology

Salzburg, June 14th, 2019

Global commerce expands markets, shrinks timeframes and leads to accelerated growth and higher margins for today’s brands. But just as the Global platform is an accelerator, it also leads to exposure from fraud, license liability and delays in business intelligence. You can’t be everywhere, all at once, scanning at the granular or summary level. Until now.

You can literally reach out and touch the future of authentication with current, fingerprint-friendly platforms like those offered by Authentic Vision.

Global brands will enjoy the immediate visibility and insight from real-time authentication, for Customer Satisfaction and Peace of Mind. Seoul and Stockholm are now as close as San Francisco. If you don’t mind multi-tasking, you can monitor your entire product ecosystem while you’re reading this sentence!

Countering counterfeiters is no longer a landing-on-Mars endeavor, as physical assets are tracked as searchable, validated data points, at both a granular or summary level. What we are seeing now in the fingerprint authentication arena is a simple and streamlined solution, enabling three key areas: secure tagging, simple authentication and dashboard insights on any mobile device.

Fingerprint authentication technology directly and addresses a wide array of challenges for global brands, such as license compliance (underreporting, products in unlicensed regions), high audit costs, counterfeit products and stemming the production of low-quality products by unauthorized players.

It’s now possible to deploy tools for precise geolocation of counterfeiting attempts to enable optimization of enforcement efforts, as well as geolocate products in unlicensed regions in real time. Operationally, it represents a simple solution for integration and implementation in the manufacturing process and supply chain. Best of all, the technology enables consumer communication, engagement and up/cross-selling, inspiring consumers with smart packaging features like instant win campaigns, loyalty programs and augmented reality experiences.

These brand licensing innovations cover a multitude of markets, both horizontal and vertical. A brand can now outflank fraudulent goods across entertainment, sporting event and toy categories, while diving deeply into specific industry verticals like automotive and pharmaceuticals.

At long last, anytime-anywhere instant product verification is within reach with Authentic Vision and its unique Holographic Fingerprint™. You can put your finger on it!