Join Us July 25 to Learn About the Newest in Brand Protection Solutions




Counterfeiting is a critical issue in today’s age of global, unsecured supply chains. Brand piracy presents significant risks for a company’s revenue and reputation – as well as consumer safety.

Join Authentic Vision and Dependable Solutions on July 25 for a webinar to learn about the next generation of strategies and technologies that can help brand licensors prevent counterfeiting, protect their brands, and increase revenue.

o   When:

10-11 am Pacific time, July 25

o   Speakers:

Marty Malysz, president, Dependable Solutions

Thomas Weiss, CEO / Founder, Authentic Vision

Brand protection solutions have evolved to go well beyond holograms, QR codes and RFID to enable a more secure and real-time solution to product authentication. Plus, Authentic Vision and Dependable Solutions now offer an integrated suite of advanced technology to ensure that products are processed successfully at every stage – from granted rights to distribution.

The licensing, creative, and royalty services provided by Dependable Solutions allow brands, agents, and licensees automation solutions for their business processes while Authentic Vision’s authentication and tracking technology help secure IP and licensed goods in real-time, globally.