Growing Chinese Auto Aftermarket Attracting Supplier and Counterfeiter Attention

During our recent travels in China, we were struck by the rapid growth in auto sales and the total number of cars on the road. This growth and car owners’ resulting needs for repair and maintenance parts will certainly make China an increasing target for auto aftermarket counterfeiters.

Salzburg, December 13th, 2018

Protection of auto aftermarket parts and lubricants is a key focus for us at Authentic Vision because of the critical safety issues along with the revenue and reputation risks for manufacturers and distributors. This is why we’re glad to see news from Sumitomo Corporation about its venture to ensure a reliable supply of authentic aftermarket parts to Chinese car owners and mechanics.


Our recent survey showed that US car owners are concerned about authenticity, willing to spread the word about retailers and manufacturers with potential counterfeiting issues, and are open to paying more for genuine goods. We’re sure that Chinese car owners are similarly concerned about the reliability and safety of parts for their cars. The distribution chain being created by Sumitomo Corporation should be a dependable resource for them.


But even with these efforts in place, Sumitomo, parts manufacturers and other distributors will still need to continue to take additional steps to protect aftermarket products given the increasing sophistication of counterfeiters at all points in the supply and distribution chain. A product protection solution that combines ease of use, secure tagging and real time monitoring can help stop counterfeiters in the growing auto parts aftermarket.