Rampant phishing attempts, accidental submission of critical data, and social engineering can put the assets of account holders in danger and harm the reputation of financial institutions. Today’s security measures are complicated, costly and unreliable while causing increased risk and user inconvenience.

The growing problem of fraud in the global banking industry

We help securely connect a physical product to the digital world in a variety of applications.

Secure Tagging

Secure your products with our unique Holographic Fingerprint label, so unique even we can‘t replicate it.

Simple Scan

Unique computer vision algorithms enable every smartphone to authenticate products without dedicated training or hardware!

Actionable Data

Use real-time scanning insights to geo-locate fake attempts and actively control your channels.


Our Holographic Fingerprint™ label is a highly secure solution for mobile banking. It is designed to be tamper-evident and cannot be copied or shared online. Our label is applied directly to the bank card, providing a strong proof of possession for multi-factor authentication. We use secure protocols to protect against fraudulent activities, and our system is fully regulatory compliant, meeting all necessary security and privacy requirements.

Our mobile authentication solution not only enhances security for our bank clients, but it also saves them money. By reducing the number of support calls related to fraudulent transactions, our clients can focus on more value-added activities. Additionally, our solution eliminates the need for paper letters and streamlines customer processes, resulting in significant cost savings for our clients. By leveraging our mobile authentication solution, banks can improve their overall customer experience and reduce operating costs.

Our Holographic Fingerprint™ label makes authentication easy and accessible to everyone with a smartphone. With a simple scan, users can authenticate themselves and access their accounts quickly and easily. Our solution works with every smartphone, and it is always available, providing users with a convenient way to manage their finances. Additionally, our technology can be integrated into any existing banking app.

Especially in the case of social engineering, i.e. the unintentional disclosure of security-critical data – for example in phishing attacks or so-called grandparent scams, in which callers pretend to be close family members of senior citizens, in order to gain data – it is important to find smart solutions to prevent the possible use of wrongfully obtained sensitive information. The Holographic Fingerprint label makes smartphone registration for UniCredit Bank Austria MobileBanking even safer and easier, whether it is during a first-time registration or after a smartphone change.

Robert Zadrazil
CEO of UniCredit Bank Austria

Use Cases

Replace unsecure SMS OTP processes! The Holographic Fingerprint™ transforms the bank card into a possession factor for authentication process.

Streamline the mobile onboarding process, making it quicker and easier for customers to sign up for banking services and reduce the dropout rate

Activate new bank cards by simply scanning the Holographic Fingerprint™ using your Banking app.

Protect your transactions by adding an additional authentication factor, making it more difficult for fraudsters to carry out unauthorized transactions.

Forgot your password again? One of the most frequent support calls are requests to reset the password and unlock customers online banking accounts. Enable a self-service solution for your customers by utilizing the Holographic Fingerprint™ on the bank card to indicate possession.

Why are we making a difference?


Physical randomness in production creates a unique Holographic Fingerprint that can only be produced once.

Ease of Use

Authentication with every type of smartphone – no further training or specialized equipment required.

Instant Results

The solution instantly provides clear positive/negative verification results.

Actionable Data

Precise geo-location of fake attempts provides actionable data.

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