Security Feature

Why is every Holographic Fingerprint unique?
During the production- and converting process, systemic randomness causes movement and stretch of the holographic foil. This can’t be controlled and therefore produces true randomness which is why each Holographic Fingerprint™ is unique. Through our enrollment system, each security feature is captured and stored in a database. Any App with our SDK can access this information for authentication. The unique Holographic Fingerprint™, the data matrix code and the use of server-side analytics provide ultimate protection, so unique even we can’t replicate it.

Card Integration

Our specially designed thin security feature is applied onto a layer of the card by a standard automated application process (we can recommend proven application modules on request)​

The card is finished by the standard lamination process, no additional steps are required​

Data Mapping
The datamatrix code can be read out / decoded and linked to card data / holder

Digital Integration

Bank App / SDK
The software used to authenticate the AV

graphic Fingerprint™ can be seamlessly integrated into an existing Mobile Banking App through an SDK for both iOS and Android. Alternatively, it can be utilized as a stand-alone App.

Authentic Vision Backend
The SDK integrated within the banking app establishes secure communication with AV’s backend infrastructure.

Bank Backend
The Mobile Banking backend ensures transaction verification by connecting with AV’s secure backend, effectively closing the loop.

More information

Get access to our SDK and documentation for different platforms, order a sample kit to try it out yourself or get in touch to learn more about our technology.