Frequently Asked Questions

Security and Authentication:

Financial/banking transactions need to be protected by at least two distinct authentication factors: “Something you know“ and “something you have”. Many banks still use unsecure protocols like SMS OTP as second factor in addition to the account password. Authentic Vision offers a secure and easy to use alternative to SMS OTP and Activation letters. 

Although OTP-Push is very good way for securing banking transactions, registering a new phone the OTP-Push service/app is still done via unsecure SMS OTP or cumbersome and time-consuming paper letters. For a mid-size Bank this means hundreds of transactions per day where they put their customers at risk and cause high operational costs.  

Authentic Vision’s technology is unique because of our Holographic Fingerprint™, random serialization of the data matrix (2D) code, computer vision, and server-side analytics providing ultimate protection. This combination of technologies ensures the highest level of security and ease of use.

Our solution is GDPR compliant. We value privacy rights, and we don’t collect personal data such as names, email addresses or phone numbers during the scan. 

No, each Holographic Fingerprint™ is unique and cannot be reused or copied. This ensures that each banking card or product is individually secured and authenticated 

Yes, our solution is fully compliant with PSD2 and other financial regulations. This ensures that financial institutions can enhance their security measures while also complying with legal requirements. 

Compatibility and Integration:

Yes, the Authentic Vision technology works with every smartphone having an iOS or Android operating system. 

No, there is no need for special equipment or training. Our solution is designed to be user-friendly. 

Our technology can be seamlessly integrated into existing banking apps using our native SDKs. This allows banking institutions to enhance the security of their services while maintaining the user-friendliness of their existing apps. For more information visit 

Our security feature can be integrated directly into bank and debit cards during the production. We support existing card manufacturers with our knowledge and expertise in this process.

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