Stop Counterfeiting – Prevent Fraud
Augment your physical products with digital value
Secure Tagging

Secure your products with our unique Holographic Fingerprint security label, so unique even we can’t replicate it.

Simple Scan

Unique computer vision algorithms enable every smartphone to authenticate products without dedicated training or hardware.

Smart Data

Use real time smart insights to geolocate counterfeit goods and actively control your channels.

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Mobile Authentication Solution

Authentic Vision is a leading provider of mobile authentication solutions designed to protect your organization’s investment in product innovation, brand value, and reputation. With a simple scan of our Holographic Fingerprint security label, connect physical products to the digital world. Prevent fraud with our effective anti-counterfeiting technology, and at the same time drive pain-free brand license compliance and consumer engagement. From Salzburg to the world, Authentic Vision brings you a uniquely secure pathway to trusted status and sustainable growth.


  • Increase revenue

  • Protect brand reputation

  • Prevent fraud & counterfeiting

  • Add gated digital value to products

  • Secure customer and consumer engagement

  • Uniqueness that cannot be replicated

  • Banking grade security

  • Instant verification of authenticity

  • Precisely geolocate fraud attempts

  • Works on every smartphone

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Authentic Vision is the right decision


Physical randomness in production creates a unique Holographic Fingerprint security label that can only be produced once.

Ease of Use

Mobile authentication App works on every smartphone, no specialized equipment or training required.

Instant Results

Instantly provides clear positive/negative verification results.

Actionable Data

Precise geo-location of counterfeit attempts provides actionable data.

Protect your physical and digital products

Our fully-automated product authentication solutions are used in a wide variety of applications where high value assets need to be protected from potentially fraudulent activity. From banking transactions and fine wines to online games and movie redemption, protect your brand with our solution that integrates easily with your manufacturing and supply chain processes.

Brand Protection

Authentic Vision provides mobile authentication technology solutions designed to protect your investment in product innovation, brand value and reputation.

Across industries as varied as electronics, agrochemicals, healthcare and wine, our unique Holographic Fingerprint tag and computer vision algorithms and real-time data and analytics capabilities, enable distributors, retailers, and consumers to use any type of smartphone to instantly authenticate products without the need for specialized equipment or further training.

Protect your brand, maximize revenue and minimize liability, while engaging with consumers through loyalty programs, incentives, and augmented reality experiences



Our digital banking solution offers a highly secure and cost-effective way for banks to protect their clients’ accounts against fraud while also improving their overall customer experience.

Using our Holographic Fingerprint™, banks are able to ensure that only authorized users can access their accounts, by providing a strong proof of possession for multi-factor authentication. In addition, our solution reduces the number of support calls related to fraudulent transactions, eliminates the need for paper letters, and streamlines customer processes, resulting in significant cost savings for banks. Accessible to everyone with a smartphone, the solution can be easily integrated into any existing banking app, making it a convenient and user-friendly option for managing finances.


License and Tax Compliance

Our mobile authentication solution allows the upfront and accurate collection of royalties, improving cash flow, as well as the optimization of enforcement resources with fewer audits.

In addition to identifying whether items are authentic or counterfeit goods in seconds, the Holographic Fingerprint security tag supports both the royalty compliance efforts of brand licensors and the tax compliance efforts of governments. That ensures products (software, hardware, toys, games, etc.) are used according to pre-defined licensing agreements and pain-free compliance with tax laws.


Label as a Key

Our unique Holographic Fingerprint security label can be used as a key to connect physical products to the digital world.

With every scan our physical label, our fully-automated solution can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as digital media, where high value assets need to be protected from potentially fraudulent activity. Protect high value brand assets, combat fraudulent activities, limit phishing attempts, and stop product key sharing. From banking transactions to redeemable gaming content, secure and empower your product with a unique anti-counterfeit label that can only be produced once. You can create new opportunities to engage with consumers by unlocking assets and experiences.