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Authentic Vision Outperforms in Global Reach, Usability, and Compatibility with its Anti-counterfeiting and Authentication App “CheckIfReal”

Is that product genuine or fake? Around the globe, consumers are using Authentic Vision’s CheckIfReal app on smartphones from over 100 different manufacturers to verify product authenticity.   Salzburg, Austria. March 5, 2020: Authentic Vision today released data on the number of supported smartphones and global reach of its authentication platform and reaffirmed its best-in-class position […]

Companies in the lubricants industry trust Authentic Vision to secure their products.

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Companies in the Wine & Spirits industry trust Authentic Vision to secure their products.

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With our highly secure holographic fingerprint, we provide instant authentication for distributors, inspectors, & consumers with a single scan on any smartphone device. This enables automatic recognition & verifies the authenticity of products prior to customer claims or returns.

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