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Getting at the Root Cause: Authentication for Agro-Chemicals

Salzburg, August 14th, 2019 Look around. As you enjoy that salad

Danfoss Power Solutions Joins Hands with Authentic Vision to Combat Counterfeits and Gray Market Products to Ensure Customers Receive Genuine, High-Quality Danfoss Products

Anti-counterfeiting and authentication solution from Authentic Vision provides industrial equipment manufacturer tools to mitigate threats from counterfeit and gray-market products. Salzburg, Austria. August 23, 2019: Authentic Vision announced today that is has entered into an agreement with Danfoss Power Solutions enabling the company to utilize its anti-counterfeiting and authentication solution to combat the growing threat […]

Learn how Authentic Vision is securing companies in the agro-chemical industry with our unique holographic fingerprint technology:

Companies in the wine & spirits industry trust Authentic Vision to secure their products. Learn why here:

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