Industrial Products

Counterfeit industrial products, genuine packaging refilled with used or substandard product, and supply chain leakages damage the reputation of product brands, the revenue of brand owners, and the reputation of the industry. Risks also include false warranty claims and the underperformance or malfunction of expensive machinery.

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The growing problem of counterfeit Industrial Products

We help brand inspectors and consumers identify authentic products. We help brand owners protect and grow their revenue while reducing their liability.

Secure Tagging

Secure your products with our unique Holographic Fingerprint label, so unique even we can‘t replicate it.

Simple Scan

Unique computer vision algorithms enable every smartphone to authenticate products without dedicated training or hardware!

Actionable Data

Use real-time scanning insights to geo-locate fake attempts and actively control your channels.


  • Instant, automated verification of authenticity

  • Works on every smartphone

  • Secure consumer engagement

  • Protects and grows legitimate revenue

  • Geo-location of counterfeit attempts and gray market activity

  • Ease of integration and deployment

  • Highly secure and tamper proof solutions

  • Reduction of liability

Authentic Vision has the expertise, the creativity, and the tech leadership to be a true trusted partner. We are extremely satisfied with our results — and our ROI.

MR. Ahmed Hassouna
Group Marketing Director, Elswedy Electric.

Why are we making a difference?


Physical randomness in production creates a unique Holographic Fingerprint that can only be produced once.

Ease of Use

Authentication with every type of smartphone – no further training or specialized equipment required.

Instant Results

The solution instantly provides clear positive/negative verification results.

Actionable Data

Precise geo-location of fake attempts provides actionable data.

The Brand Protection Use Case

Authentic Vision provides mobile authentication technology solutions designed to protect your investment in product innovation, brand value and reputation. Protect your brand, maximize revenue and minimize liability, while engaging with consumers through loyalty programs, incentives, and augmented reality experiences.


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