Automotive Aftermarket

Instant authentication with any smartphone provides clear results and protects against counterfeiting, grey market and warranty fraud. Connect each product with a unique digital identity adding digital product information, product passports and circular economy services. Our solution adapts to your needs and processes, making it the ultimate choice for secure product digitalization: Empower your business with unparalleled security and digital innovation!

Benefits of Secure Product Digitalization


Stop Counterfeiting, Gray Market & Warranty Fraud


Geolocation of Counterfeit Activity


Digital Product Passport


Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Benefits of Secure Product Digitalization

Stop Counterfeiting, Gray Market & Warranty Fraud

Geolocation of Counterfeit Activity

Digital Product Passport

Customer Engagement & Loyalty

»Automotive consumers rely on reliable OEM automotive parts to ensure the safety and performance of their vehicles. Consumers have come to trust ATQ Germany E.K.’s high-quality automotive parts, and with Authentic Vision’s authentication solution, they can be assured they are getting genuine ATQ Germany E.K. parts..«

Mohamed Baali,
Business Manager, ATQ Germany E.K.

Why Authentic Vision is the Right Decision

Incomparable Security

Each product receives a unique Holographic Fingerprint™. To verify a product, the smartphone camera compares the product’s fingerprint against our database and instantly provides a result. The following three features make this solution the only one withstanding the most challenging environments:

  • True Randomness of the Fingerprints is caused by production irregularities and therefore impossible to replicate, even for us.

  • Fully Automated Verification decision eliminates potential misinterpretation and human errors.

  • Three Dimensions of the fingerprint prevent even the highest resolution copy.

Holographic Fingerprint™

Clear Results instead of uncertain traffic lights

Stop using unclear traffic lights. Our solution provides clear positive/negative results with the first scan. The decision is fully automated and therefore eliminates potential human misinterpretation and errors.

Exceptional Digital User Experience

As customers increasingly seek immersive experiences that merge physical and digital worlds, a smooth QR code-like scanning experience with any available smartphone ensures the highest engagement rates

Peek over the counterfeiter’s shoulder

Identifying counterfeits during the first scan provides insights into when, where and what counterfeiting acivities are taking place in real time. This even includes image data of the counterfeiting attempt.

One scan for all codes

Years of experience in code reading enable us to read any code on any surface with perfect usability.

  • All formats: QR-Code, Data Matrix, Barcode, Serial Number etc.

  • All technologies: Print, Laser, Engraving etc.
  • All materials: Paper, Plastics, Metal etc.

Effortless Digital Integration

Our solution can operate as a silo next to your existing infrastructure. It can be flexibly integrated with your current setup of ERP systems such as SAP, your BI systems and your logistics software. Integration is straightforward by using well-defined APIs and custom-connectors written by our integration experts.

Effortelss Physical Integration

Our solution integrates smoothly into existing labels and packaging processes, reducing disruption and costs for global multi-site rollouts. With minimal effort required from packaging providers, our system saves costs, optimizes operations and preserves efficiency.

Everything at a Glance

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