Anchor Management: Blockchain Security and Stability with Crypto Anchors

November 18th, 2019

Salzburg, 11/18/2019: Most everyone knows that boats and ships use anchors to secure themselves in port. They also lower an anchor in times of distress for stability during unsafe conditions. In nautical technology, an anchor is typically a heavy iron device shaped to grip the bottom and hold a vessel at her berth; emphasis on “heavy” and “iron” and the tenacity to hold onto something far exceeding the size of the anchor itself.

We also use the term “anchor” to describe the primary retail stores or “superstores” which secure the financial well-being of a shopping mall, and also attract shoppers to visit the smaller retailers in the complex. An anchorman or anchorwoman is the main personality in a newscast. In the world of track and field, the anchor leg denotes the final and fastest runner in a relay race. If you want to signify security and prominence, using the word anchor in your term or description is essential.

The anchor terminology also has a connotation in the world of authentication of products, specifically the “crypto anchors” used to secure blockchain ecosystems. A crypto anchor provides a secure digital identity, based on the data, value added services, history and ownership elements that are essential to determining tracking and tracing in distributed elements.

An example of a crypto anchor includes random 3D structures, where each shield forms a unique Holographic Fingerprint™. The crypto anchor integrates at the technology level with smartphone apps that automatically authenticates the Holographic Fingerprint™ and reads the serial number.

In supply chain and logistics, an anchor is the difference between having a ship anchored securely in port where you can load and unload it easily, versus a ship adrift at sea, in unknown waters with no visibility whatsover.

Crypto anchors are the building blocks of a blockchain at the simplest level, where security and stability are paramount. They are an integral part of the Authentic Vision suite of authentication products.

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