A Secure Bridge to the Metaverse: Authentic Vision’s Meta Anchor™ Technology:

January 5th, 2022

In the Metaverse, people will use technology to augment the physical world all the time. When walking down a street, we will see additional information everywhere. Billboards won’t be printed anymore but will be augmented on the fly. Architecture will not be the only way for a building to stand out. Product packaging will not need to be nicely designed anymore in a static state; it will be augmented in real-time when we look at it.

This trend will not stop with simple objects; it will extend to the appearance of humans being augmented. People will not wear the newest designer clothes; they will buy a Non-Fungible Token that allows the owner to get the newest design overlay, which will be projected into everyone’s eyes that the owner meets. Nike is already showcasing an early example of this future through recently-acquired RTFKT studios, whose technology augments the shoes a person is wearing.

“Meta”, which connotes “beyond” and “transcending”, speaks to how the world around us will evolve. If we can imagine a future where the entire physical world will be mirrored in the digital world, every object will have a digital twin possessing a layer of endless amount of additional data including its complete history. Everything that happens in the real world will also be reflected in the digital world.

The Metaverse is not an evolution of computer games or movies; it represents an evolution of the physical environment in which we live, which will be extended and augmented. The Metaverse will be enabled by sensory augmentation technologies and start with audiovisual augmentation like digital glasses or contact lenses.

Because we will live in both worlds – the physical world and the digital world – we will be required to transition between them constantly. To complete this transition seamlessly, a link is needed to connect us between these two worlds.

The entry point into either of the worlds must be uniquely identified, something that can be enabled by machine-readable codes. Whenever there is value on one side of these two worlds, this link needs to be highly secure to avoid loopholes that create vulnerabilities enabling fraud and other malicious activities. Such a secure link needs to exist only once, and it must enable an unmistakable authentication. Unique technology that enables this secure link, isneeded to make sure that it is you who is now acting in this virtual world and not somebody else that has appropriated your identity.

Such a secure link is called Meta Anchor™, as it anchors an object uniquely in both worlds: the physical and the digital. Authentic Vision’s Meta Anchor™ Technology has been designed and developed to bridge uniquely and securely the physical and the digital world. With established credentials in Brand Protection, License Compliance and Banking Security, Authentic Vision’s high-security technology provides a robust, extremely cost efficient, and easy to use optical read-out of a unique Holographic Fingerprint™, ideal for augmented worlds and where it can be applicable on every object in the physical world.

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