Dana Secure: Pioneering the Automotive Aftermarket

July 4th, 2024

Authentic Vision has partnered with Dana, a global leader in the automotive aftermarket, to introduce the innovative Dana Secure Label for its VICTOR REINZ product line. This new solution leverages Authentic Vision’s cutting-edge Holographic Fingerprint™ technology to provide 100% protection against product counterfeiting, ensuring the highest level of security for customers.

Groundbreaking Dana Secure Label enhances Product Authenticity, DPP Conformity and Customer Trust

Key Highlights:

  • Enhanced Security: The Dana Secure Label, featuring a serialized QR code and integrated hologram-fingerprint, offers unmatched protection against counterfeiting.
  • User-Friendly Product Verification: Consumers can easily verify product authenticity using the Dana Secure App, providing immediate and reliable results.
  • Additional Benefits: The app provides access to product information, technical service details, and installation instructions, enhancing the overall consumer experience.
  • Effortless Integration: Authentic Vision’s solution is highly adaptable and facilitates effortless integration into enterprise infrastructures. This includes integration into existing product packaging and the reuse of data sources such as central automotive databases.

Alfred Wimmer, Product Manager Aftermarket EMEA, Dana Incorporated, commented: “Authentic Vision’s authentication solution makes it easy for our customers to receive relevant product data while making sure they hold a genuine product in their hands. We appreciate Authentic Vision’s remarkable flexibility in customizing their solution to meet our needs. This resulted in minimal integration effort on both digital and physical fronts, enabling a swift global launch of the program.”

Thomas Weiss, CEO of Authentic Vision, added: “Our Holographic Fingerprint™ technology is a game-changer in the fight against counterfeiting. We are thrilled to collaborate with Dana to enhance the security of VICTOR REINZ products and provide consumers with a reliable and easy-to-use verification method.”

The introduction of the Dana Secure Label will significantly impact the aftermarket sector by reducing the prevalence of counterfeit products. Customers can now trust that their VICTOR REINZ products are genuine, ensuring optimal performance and safety with a single scan. For more information, please visit www.VictorReinz.com/DanaSecure

About Dana
Dana is a global leader in drivetrain and e-Propulsion systems. Founded in 1904, Dana provides innovative solutions for a diverse range of applications, including passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, and off-highway equipment. With 42,000 employees in 31 countries, Dana generated sales of $10.6 billion in 2023. Dana has been recognized for its ethical practices and commitment to sustainability, making it a trusted partner in the global mobility industry. For more information, visit www.Dana.com.

About Authentic Vision
Headquartered in Salzburg, Authentic Vision has rapidly emerged as a well trusted partner in Secure Product Digitalization, establishing a significant presence worldwide. The company initially focused on brand protection and swiftly expanded its expertise to serve fields with demanding security standards like the banking industry. Today, Authentic Vision’s impact is global, with its technologies being utilized daily in over 50 countries.


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