Exotic Cities, Obscure Devices and Solid Solutions: Product Authentication on a Global Scale

February 11th, 2020


A smartphone app works just fine, as long as your smartphone is a major brand like an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. But what happens if you go off the beaten path, using a less popular device?

You may have never used, or heard of, a Yulong Coolpad 8675-a, or a Umidigi Z2 Pro, but these devices represent just two of the hundreds of devices  enabled for instant product authentication using our free ‘CheckIfReal’ app. An analysis of recent product scans shows that our authentication app supports over 100 different device manufacturers worldwide, including Black Shark, a gaming smartphone.

And that makes a real difference when your products are sold in Hong Kong, Hanoi or Johor Bahru, the fourth largest city in Malaysia. Our ‘CheckifReal’ app data reveals Authentic Vision scans in 151 out of 194 territories and countries. Worldwide.

And when we say worldwide we mean many of the global cities and towns that are as familiar to you in your local travels. Are you selling motor oil in Mersin (Turkey)? Zinfandel in Zaporizhia (Ukraine)?

AV offers secure anti-counterfeiting solutions, focusing on ease of use, anywhere. Our unique Holographic Fingerprint™ label is the starting point, but the ‘CheckIfReal’ app is an integral part of the solution to authenticate the label instantly with a clear scan result. No further training or hardware is required – our app works on all smartphones. This is quite an achievement, since other solutions will only support certain smartphones – in a few cases not even all current flagship phones are supported (e.g. Google Pixel).

The ‘CheckIfReal’ app provides real authentication of the Holographic Fingerprint™, not only verification. From a technical perspective, authentication can be challenging and complex, especially when older device compatibility is concerned. The Authentic Vision solution offers easy and convenient product authentication throughout the supply chain – including consumers.

Counterfeits don’t stand a chance in the face of our geo-location capabilities. Our global footprint is accurate down to the local fingerprint of a product on a shelf, in a town you have never heard of, scrutinized by any number of equally obscure devices. It all works in our world. Sell confidently in any corner of the planet.

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