Authentic Vision and Stromag Join Forces to Ensure Nuclear Components Authenticity

November 23rd, 2023

Salzburg, Austria – November 23rd – Authentic Vision, the leading provider of mobile authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Stromag, a company from Regal Rexnord Group and an esteemed leader in power transmission components for industrial drivetrain applications. This collaboration is set to address critical challenges in the nuclear industry by ensuring the genuineness and compliance of components through a state-of-the-art authentication solution.

The nuclear industry faces a pressing challenge in verifying the authenticity of components and materials used in its specific environment, a matter of paramount importance for safety, compliance, and operational excellence. The consequences associated to the risk of using Counterfeit and fraudulent items (CFIs) are significant, potentially compromising worker safety, facility performance, environmental standards, and financial costs. These risks extend not only to components and equipment but also to raw materials, often even when sourced from reputable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)

The recent ISO 19443 standard has been designed to address the risks and to promote best practices in terms of quality and safety for companies active in the civil nuclear environment.

Stromag has partnered with Authentic Vision to reinforce its commitment to quality, safety, and traceability of its products, following the guidance of ISO 19443.Authentic Vision’s Meta AnchorTM technology empowers customers by allowing them to verify Stromag products authenticity, offering high security and user-friendliness with instant verification results. This technology assigns a unique physical and digital identifier (UID) to each product, facilitating product traceability, and actively identifying any potential counterfeiting attempts, and providing essential related data.

Real-time alerts are a key feature, enabling swift action in the event of a suspected counterfeit or fraudulent item, thereby reducing potential risks and mitigating the impact on safety and costs.

For nuclear suppliers, this partnership instills confidence in their products, assuring customers of the authenticity and quality of their offerings. Additionally, the solution extends to support sustainability initiatives by facilitating recycling processes and environmentally responsible practices within the nuclear industry.

Stromag’s partnership with Authentic Vision demonstrates their commitment to delivering top-quality products and safeguarding against counterfeit and fraudulent items, ultimately bolstering safety, compliance, and their reputation as a trusted nuclear industry supplier. Authentic Vision eagerly supports Stromag in its quest for excellence, product integrity, and customer satisfaction, working together to strengthen the nuclear industry’s capabilities and ensure the authenticity and safety of its components.

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