Authentic Vision’s Meta Anchor creates new opportunities for the gaming industry

Published On: August 23rd, 2022

Authentic Vision, the Salzburg based leader in mobile authentication is announcing the Meta AnchorTM, a unique product which creates a secure bridge connecting the physical world and the digital world. This could prove particularly interesting for the gaming sector.

Salzburg, August 23rd, 2022. Gamescom is just around the corner. From August 24th to 28th, Cologne will turn into a beacon of the gaming industry, showcasing what’s hot and new on the market. It is becoming increasingly apparent that one of the important trends is the blurring of boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. To utilize the best of both worlds, “phygital” experiences are emerging creating immense value for both consumers and brands. Exploitation and misuse of methods, such as a link or a QR code, have proven that these are no longer secure enough.

Enabling a secure bridge, connecting the physical and digital world enables a wide range of use cases, from connecting your physical collectible with its digital representation (NFT) to accessing audio or e-books through its paper version or using it as authentication factor for Fintech applications such as mobile banking on-boarding.

The Meta Anchor from Authentic Vision utilizes a holographic fingerprint that can be produced only once and is therefore copy proof. It helps securely bridge the digital and physical world by pairing the physical object and its Digital Soul®.

Authentic Vision’s technology, already very successful in terms of brand protection, anchors an object in both worlds – physical and digital – in a unique and secure way. Scanning the Meta Anchor using Authentic Vision’s app unlocks digital actions or assets and provides real time data and analytics. “Soon the physical world will be mirrored in the digital world,” founder and CEO of Authentic Vision Thomas Weiss is certain: “In the future, every object will have a digital twin, offering companies great opportunities to create and monetize additional value.”

How the gaming industry can benefit

The Meta Anchor is also particularly applicable in the gaming industry, where developers are creating digital assets and there is a need to redeem, access and own these assets in a secure way, and further utilize these assets for a better gaming experience.

Games will feature bridges between the digital and physical. Scanning the Meta Anchor on a physical object will unlock the latter as an item in the game. For example, this object may be a new pair of sneakers a user can put on his digital character after the scan. Or the purchase of a physical Pokémon figure may unlock the Pokémon in the respective video game. The possibilities are manifold. Merchandise becomes more valuable because it can be used twice, which drives higher revenues. Moreover, the copy-proof Meta Anchor reduces black market activities to a minimum.

A further advantage of the Meta-Anchor-technology is to solve the “code stripping” problem. Games are sold with serial numbers that unlock the game licenses. If this serial number is stolen or resold during distribution, the company’s sales suffer. In contrast, the Meta Anchor must be physically present when the game is unlocked and cannot be passed on digitally via photos or videos.

To drive the success of the Meta Anchor, Michael Radic was introduced as Authentic Vision’s new Chief Business Officer. “We are excited to announce Meta Anchor at Gamescom. Phygitals are becoming more relevant, and companies are using them more frequently. However, this requires a highly secure, unique and cost-effective solution that strengthens the link between the physical and the digital. The Meta Anchor is ideal for these extended worlds and integrated experiences that are becoming the new normal”, says Radic.

What better stage than Gamescom to introduce the gaming world to the merits of the new technology.

About Authentic Vision:

Authentic Vision provides anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies designed to protect your organization’s investments in product innovation, brand value and reputation while creating new opportunities to increase trust and engagement with consumers worldwide. The company’s unique Holographic Fingerprint™ label, mobile authentication app and real-time analytics capabilities protect physical assets from counterfeiting and alert brand and product owners to potential fraudulent activity. Their anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies help to minimize lost revenues and mitigate liability due to counterfeits and create new opportunities to engage with consumers through loyalty programs, incentives and future experiences that bridge the physical and digital. Visit to learn more about their solutions, view case studies, download their consumer app or read the latest insights on how anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies can help your organization.