Our unique Meta Anchor creates “Phygital Collectibles” 
Enjoy collectibles in both the real and virtual world!

  • Securely connect physical collectibles with the corresponding digital representation (NFT)
  • Unlock digital content/assets
  • Activate collectibles in games or metaverses

  • Instant authentication with every smartphone

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • Works on every smartphone

Scanning an Authentic Vision Meta Anchor™ on a physical object securely boosts a collectible’s value in more ways than one. As well as proving ownership of a physical object or unlocking a digital collectible, it can enable access to an app or a movie about the object, or membership of a club. The collectible can even be connected to a unique moment, such as a home run in a baseball game! The advantages are clear.

Securely connect physical products to the digital world

Counterfeited collectible merchandise reduces revenue and damages your brand’s value proposition. With our unique Label as a Key technology, a single scan with a smartphone proves ownership of the genuine asset for the legitimate buyer. Reduce the value of unlicensed fakes and boost original merchandise sales. Link physical products with a virtual asset or related content, scaling up value and engaging with collectors.

Each tag is unique

and can‘t be replicated

Works on every smartphone.

Much more cost-effective

than NFC chips

Create physical bound token

The Label as a Key Use Case

Our unique Holographic Fingerprint security label can be used as a key to connect physical products to the digital world. With every scan of a physical label, our fully-automated solution can be used in a wide variety of applications where assets need to be protected from potentially fraudulent activity, such as licensed merchandise and other collectibles.


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