Label as a Key

Authentic Vision’s Meta Anchor™ technology enables brands to securely connect their products with the digital world and unlock additional value for their customers. Create new opportunities to increase trust and engagement with consumers by enriching products with digital experiences. Better understand buyer behavior and use real time consumer data to drive targeted contact. Launch your product into the metaverse!

Our vision is to be the secure bridge connecting the digital and physical world.

Create a secure Phygital

Our unique Meta Anchor technology can be used as a key to help securely connect a physical product to its Digital Soul® – creating a phygital.

This mobile authentication solution can be used in a wide variety of applications such as digital media. From online games to movie redemption and NFTs, enhance your brand with a secure Meta Anchor – a unique security label that even we can’t reproduce.

Enrich the digital experience

Scanning the unique holographic fingerprint using Authentic Vision’s app unlocks digital actions or assets and provides real time data and analytics. This opens up a wide range of possible use cases such as connecting your physical collectible with its digital representation (NFT), redeeming media content and gaming items, accessing virtual assets or virtual moments, accessing audio or e-books through its paper version.

A little more about us

Authentic Vision is headquartered in Salzburg, Austria, and has a strong global presence with offices in six countries and an international team of highly qualified engineers, analysts and commercial leaders.

Visit to learn more about the company, our solutions, and a range of customer case studies. Find out more about how our Label as a Key technology can work for your brand.

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