Authentic Vision’s Unique Patented Holographic Fingerprint™

February 23rd, 2021

The Only Secure Technology to Combine With QR Codes

A recent blog headline stated “You Should Avoid Combining Hologram and QR Codes for Counterfeit Protection”. That’s not true. It may be true for those off-the-shelf holograms that pretend to be a security feature, but in reality are not secure at all. If you use Authentic Vision’s unique, patented Holographic Fingerprint solution you CAN combine it with QR codes. The Authentic Vision Holographic Fingerprint label may look like one of those ordinary holograms, but it is actually the most secure mobile authentication solution on the market.

The world of global commerce today is wide open, unsettled, and turbulent, where ever-more sophisticated counterfeiters continue to sell fake products with even greater frequency. In this environment anti-counterfeiting efforts require sophisticated solutions, yet the vast majority of traditional solutions like standard holograms — basically cosmetic “shiny stickers” that provide no protection — fail to prevent product fraud. Both holograms and QR codes can easily be counterfeited, and when these shiny, but simple hologram stickers are printed next to standard QR codes (which offer no security but only serialization benefits), security is merely an illusion and even more deceptive.

This illusion can only be maintained as long as the security solution depends on the human eye. Human error or the possibility of outsmarting human perception is a major problem. Holograms can easily be faked so that a consumer believes them to be genuine. QR codes can also be designed in such a way that the consumer mistakenly feels safe. The use of both technologies combined does not make the solution more secure, it only makes it more deceptive.

Authentic Vision’s unique Holographic Fingerprint security tags are totally distinct from standard holograms and provide authenticated security when combined with QR codes. Authentic Vision uses technology that, much like biometric identification, can meet the most demanding security requirements. The authentication process via the “CheckIfReal” App is entirely automated, relying on patented image processing technology and machine learning algorithms to avoid the typical pitfalls of human perception. Such a high level of security and protection comes from inherent randomness in the tag production process, which creates a unique Holographic Fingerprint that cannot be reproduced, copied or manipulated. The Holographic Fingerprint is so unique and secure even Authentic Vision cannot duplicate it — it is the only overt security feature that is as safe as any covert security feature.

Secure tagging and automated authentication are at the heart of the Authentic Vision’s security solution. In addition to mobile authentication, real-time analytics and smart data collection, there is also a wide range of customer engagement capabilities. These allow brand owners to communicate and engage with their consumers through post-scan experiences, loyalty programs, incentives, etc. in a moment of undivided attention.

Combining Authentic Vision’s unique Holographic Fingerprint with QR codes provides sophisticated, best in class anti-counterfeiting protection and product traceability. The unique Holographic Fingerprint tag, mobile authentication app, and real-time analytics capabilities increase trust as well as engagement with customers while protecting the brand owner’s investments in product innovation, brand value and reputation.

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