Authentic Vision launches Meta Anchor™ in the United States using its patented Holographic Fingerprint to help businesses meet the ‘Phygital Future’

August 30th, 2022

Meta Anchor™ provides secure solution to connect physical products and digital experience

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., and SALZBURG, Austria, August 30, 2022 – Authentic Vision, a mobile authentication technology company, today announced the U.S. market release of its Meta Anchor™ technology that secures the linkbetween physical products and digital value, services and experiences. Unlike unsecure solutions such as a QR code, Authentic Vision’s Holographic Fingerprint-based technology provides a vital tool to protect the increasingly valuable digital experiences and assets around physical products.

Authentic Vision launched its mobile authentication products and solutions in 2015 to offer secure and instant authentication technology to prevent counterfeits and ensure license compliance. The company has a proven track record in the brand protection space, with clients in wine & spirits, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, brand licensing, network infrastructure, cable & connectivity, agrochemicals, and industrial parts.

With the growth of digital environments and the demand for interactive experiences that integrate the physical with the digital, Authentic Vision is leveraging and expanding the uses of this technology and entering new markets to help brands elevate the digital experience around their physical products.

The Meta Anchor™ technology securely bridges the digital and physical world by pairing the physical object with its digital twin. Scanning the unique holographic fingerprint with a smartphone unlocks digital actions or assets and provides real-time data and analytics. This opens up a wide range of possible use cases, such as connecting your physical collectible with its digital representation (NFT), redeeming media content and gaming items, accessing virtual assets or virtual moments, accessing audio or e-books through its paper version, or using it as an authentication factor for Fintech applications such as mobile banking on-boarding.

“Soon enough, the entire physical world will be mirrored in the digital world,” said Thomas Weiss, the CEO and Founder of Authentic Vision. “Every object will have a digital twin, or virtual representation of itself and be part of a digital experience. The value of digital assets, services and experiences will exceed their physical counterparts, but won’t be able to exist without them. Our technology will help businesses to easily achieve the future of physical and digital integration and offer customers incredible experiences that will build brand loyalty and engagement.”

Today QR-Codes and NFC chips are widely used to connect physical products with low value digital assets like a menu at a restaurant. As the value of digital assets and exclusive experiences is increasing rapidly the need for a secure connection arises. The Meta Anchor Technology differs from more common solutions because it can only be produced once, it cannot be copied or sent as a digital photo, and only a scan of the real physical tag will unlock a digital value. QR codes, while convenient, come with multiple security issues. They can easily be shared, copied, or swapped out, especially given the prevalence of easy-to-use QR code generators available online. Standard NFC-based solutions can easily be copied as well and secure NFCs suffer from the disadvantages of increased costs and unintentional read-out.

Authentic Vision ensures the security of its labels through a self-destruct feature. If a bad actor tries to remove the labels from an item or packaging, the label becomes voided and loses the necessary features needed for a successful scan. This destruction mechanism prevents the fingerprints from being shared or swapped out. In addition, Authentic Vision’s line of sight visual authentication is critical for mixed reality applications.

“As the world moves towards creating so-called ‘phygital’ experiences, there needs to be a highly secure, robust, unique, and extremely cost-effective solution that solidifies the connection between the physical and the digital,” said Michael Radic, Authentic Vision’s Chief Business Officer who is leading the effort to take the Meta Anchor™ technology to market and Authentic Vision’s latest hire. “Meta Anchor™ is ideal for these augmented worlds and integrated experiences that are becoming the new normal.”

About Authentic Vision

Authentic Vision provides anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies designed to protect organizations’ investments in product innovation, brand value and reputation while creating new opportunities to increase trust and engagement with consumers worldwide. The company’s unique Holographic Fingerprint™ label, mobile authentication app and real-time analytics capabilities protect physical assets from counterfeiting and alert brand and product owners to potentially fraudulent activity. Its anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies help minimize lost revenues and mitigate liability due to counterfeits and create new opportunities to engage with consumers through loyalty programs, incentives and future experiences that bridge the physical and digital. To learn more about Authentic Vision’s solutions, view case studies, download its consumer app or read the latest insights on how anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies can help your organization, visit

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