Authentic Vision & Solaire: Rethinking Recommerce

Published On: February 21st, 2024

Solaire and Meta Anchor™ Forge Partnership to Boost Integrity in Recommerce – Solaire, a pioneer in providing consumer wallets that enable peer-to-peer authenticated resale , announces a strategic partnership with Meta Anchor™, an innovative product from Authentic Vision. This collaboration is set to redefine the authentication of physical and phygital items in the realm of Recommerce, emphasizing cost-effectiveness and enhanced security when compared to the authentication service provided by a third-party platform. Advancing Asset Integrity in bridging the physical and digital, as well as Recommerce.

Solaire’s partnership with Meta Anchor™ technology represents a vital step in enhancing the security and integrity of assets, a core element of Recommerce.


Meta Anchor’s™ Superiority in Authentication and Product Digitalization
Meta Anchor™ offers significant advantages in the context of authenticity in recommerce:

  • Enhanced Security with Holographic Fingerprint™: The patented Holographic Fingerprint™ technology guarantees unique and unforgeable physical Meta Anchor™ labels, surpassing the security capabilities of NFC and QR codes.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Meta Anchor™ provides a more economical solution than NFC, making it accessible for a diverse range of products and applications in the social commerce sector.
  • Building Consumer Trust: The increased security and authenticity provided by Meta Anchor™ boost consumer confidence, which is crucial in the evolving world of Recommerce.
  • Prevention of Scanning from Photos: A crucial aspect of Meta Anchor™ is its ability to prevent the scanning of Meta Anchor™ labels from photos, addressing a significant vulnerability of QR-Codes.

Solaire’s Superiority in Recommerce
Solaire provides Meta Anchor™ a key value proposition in delivering additional revenues and benefits to their clients:

  • Expanded capability in not only providing authentication and fraud prevention, but also enabling digital content customization, wallet user-friendliness, circularity and increased profitability for Meta Anchor’s™ clients
  • Connecting authenticated products to Solaire’s wallet and its recommerce channels generates additional revenue and data streams for Meta Anchor’s™ clients, allowing Meta Anchor™ to offer services beyond the initial product authentication.
  • Through embracing recommerce with Solaire, Meta Anchor™ positions themselves as industry leaders, offering a holistic solution that gives them a new competitive advantage against other real-world bridge providers.
  • Facilitating recommerce aligns with Meta Anchor’s™ sustainability goals, as it promotes the reuse and extension of the Meta Anchor™-protected products, reducing overall environmental impact.

About Solaire
Solaire, a frontrunner in wallet and recommerce enablement infrastructure, unlocks Web3 access to general consumers, as well as secondary market access for brands and retailers, providing them with resale royalties and secondary market data without changing their existing tech stack. Headquartered in New York, Solaire powers industries globally, spanning fashion, luxury, memorabilia, collectibles, and fine art.

About Meta Anchor™ and Authentic Vision
Authentic Vision, with over a decade of experience in Anti-Counterfeiting and banking security, is at the forefront of merging Web3 technology with physical products. Their cutting-edge Meta Anchor™ platform paves the way for a seamless fusion of the physical and digital realms. Meta Anchor™ securely anchors digital values like digital services, assets, and experiences to physical products. By assigning every physical product a unique Holographic Fingerprint™, Meta Anchor™ ensures unparalleled security that surpasses traditional QR or NFC methods. This innovation not only works with every smartphone but also offers cost-effective scalability, catering to the demands from small collections to high-volume production. The Meta Anchor Platform is a game-changer, enabling creators from local artists to international brands to craft products that bridge the physical and digital worlds. These creations, known as ‘Phygitals’, embody the essence of authenticity and add exceptional value to physical items. Authentic Vision excels in their Digital Soul® NFT solution built on the Meta Anchor™ Platform. Digital Soul® NFTs tie digital assets to physical items. They are standardized as Asset-Bound NFT (ERC-6956) and extend the popular ERC-721 NFT standard to transfer NFTs by proving possession of the physical item.

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