Ubirch and Authentic Vision join forces to extend Blockchain security to the physical world

August 4th, 2021

Cologne, Germany, and Salzburg, Austria – 4 August 2021 – Authentic Vision, a Salzburg, Austria based authentication technology company, and Ubirch, a German cybersecurity company, announced a strategic collaboration to bring to customers their respective technologies, knowhow, and solutions, which would extend blockchain security to the physical world. Authentic Vision is amongst the pioneers to bring the authentication of a physical security label into Ubirch’s ecosystem which provides data integrity with the help of cryptography and Blockchain technology. This collaboration will address the constant, global rise in counterfeit activities in prominent market segments such as Health, Supply Chain & Logistics, Document Security and Collector’s items.

The organizations will achieve this by linking Authentic Vision’s copy proof unique Holographic Fingerprint™ as a physical feature to Ubirch’s digital platform based on robust cryptography and blockchain technology to ensure data integrity.

Governmental, private, and public institutions will benefit from this alliance that protects brand revenue, reputation, and consumers. The companies will expand common market activities in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia by providing solutions for specific use cases that add value for clients in multiple industries. Examples of these include:

  • Fraud prevention for supply chain & logistics
  • Data integrity for document security
  • Verified heritage for fast moving consumer goods
  • Authenticity and proof of ownership of NFTs for collectibles
  • Advanced services and smart contracts for the insurance industry

“The digital verifiability of products and goods is becoming increasingly relevant for the industry. Our offering helps companies to gain more transparency along the value chain. Ubirch’s robust cryptography and innovative blockchain technology seals each individual product data directly when the Authentic Vision label is applied to products and goods. You could say an immutable “chain of trust” is created, in both, the physical and digital worlds. Products secured in this way can be verified by any recipient, anytime, anywhere,” explains Karim H. Attia, Ubirch CEO.

“We are excited to collaborate and work alongside Ubirch to bring leading edge knowhow and solutions to customers. Authentic Vision will add instant verification and precise geolocation of fraud attempts to Ubirch’s platform and enable customer infrastructure to verify integrity, order, omission, duplication and authenticity, like never before,” says Thomas Weiss, CEO & Founder, Authentic Vision.


About Ubirch

Ubirch is a specialist for cybersecurity technology with offices in Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Tel Aviv, and Dubai. The team consists of experienced specialists in cryptography, blockchain and data-driven business models. With robust cryptography and innovative blockchain technology, Ubirch makes data trustworthy and shortens the time to market of data-driven business models. Ubirch technology – deployable as software or on SIM-cards – is aimed primarily at customers in the manufacturing industry, smart cities, insurance, healthcare, energy supply, and logistics segments. Together with a consortium of renowned companies, the Cologne-based company is developing the digital COVID vaccination certificate for Germany. Ubirch is a member of the Good Health Pass Collaborative (GHPC) – an open, inclusive, cross-sector initiative to create a blueprint for interoperable digital health credentials to help restore global travel and restart the global economy. Further information is available at www.ubirch.com

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About Authentic Vision:

Authentic Vision provides anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies designed to protect your organization’s investments in product innovation, brand value and reputation while creating new opportunities to increase trust and engagement with consumers worldwide. The company’s unique Holographic Fingerprint™ label, mobile authentication app and real-time analytics capabilities protect physical assets from counterfeiting and alert brand and product owners to potential fraudulent activity. Their anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies help to minimize lost revenues and mitigate liability due to counterfeits and create new opportunities to engage with consumers through loyalty programs, incentives and future experiences that bridge the physical and digital. Visit www.authenticvision.com to learn more about their solutions, view case studies, download their consumer app or read the latest insights on how anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies can help your organization.

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