Authentic Vision Enables Blockchain Use Case

Authentic Vision’s Unique Holographic Fingerprint™ bridges Blockchain’s security into the physical world

Salzburg, July 13th, 2019

Authentic Vision, a leader in product and brand authentication, presented a blockchain use case in cooperation with the DTZ (Digitales Transferzentrum) of the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg to the State Secretary Deputy Mariana Kühnel and the President of the Commercial Chamber of Salzburg, Manfred Rosenstatter. The use case was designed to showcase how the company’s unique Holographic Fingerprint™ enables blockchain technology to help secure global logistics.

We based the demo on the fact that many visitors to Authentic Vision’s headquarters in Salzburg acquire a taste for the famous Mozartkugel, a unique and delicious chocolate which is often faked using cheaper, inferior ingredients which may lack the same quality as the original. There are many points in the distribution chain where counterfeits could replace the original package. It was demonstrated how a blockchain and tagging system can together ensure the integrity of the product at each stage of its journey to Japan.

Blockchain technology has been an innovative breakthrough that has captured global attention by enabling the rise of bitcoin currency—a digital curency for the 21st century. Today, it has become clear that the blockchain’s powerful security capability has applications broadly across industries. We believe that one of the most exciting uses for this technology is its potential to ensure the digital integrity of a package’s trace to its destination.

Original blockchain technology ensures the integrity, security and trust but lacks a secure link to the physical package. Therefore, Blockchain logistic ecosystems can simply be bypassed by tagging a second package with an identical serial number. Authentic Vision’s technology solves this problem and gives each package a unique Holographic Fingerprint™ that cannot be copied or transferred and that uniquely connects the package with its identity in the blockchain.

When blockchain’s distributed ledger system is paired with a reliable, secure physical marker that uses the newest in 3-D imaging technologies, the resulting system could stop today’s problems in logistic systems. Ultimately Authentic Vision will enable numerous use cases of the blockchain technology to be transferred from the digital to the physical world.