Reimagine the possibilities when you bring Authentic Vision’s unique holographic fingerprint technology and smartphone authentication app to your agro-chemical products and solutions.


  • Refilling
  • Industrial counterfeiting
  • Gray market

Authentic Vision Benefits

  • Highly secure, unique holographic fingerprint-based tag
  • Instant verification of authenticity for distributors, retailers, and consumers with any smartphone
  • Solutions that enable automatic recognition and reporting of any tampering
  • Precise geolocation of counterfeiting attempts increasing effectiveness and efficiency of enforcement efforts
  • Detect and geo-locate parallel imports in real-time
  • Frictionless solution integration and implementation with manufacturing and supply chain processes
  • Real-time market data and insights on channel and buyer behavior
  • Mobile delivery of product information and ease of product registration
  • Consumer communication, engagement and up/cross-selling
  • Inspire consumers with smart packaging features like Instant Win campaigns, loyalty programs and augmented reality experiences

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