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“Lamina Check-it” Authentication Solution by Authentic Vision

LAMINA TECHNOLOGIES and Authentic Vision partner to launch the “Lamina Check-it” authentication solution, an innovative program combining a smartphone application with advanced copy-proof and tamper-resistant product tagging.

Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland – Salzburg, Austria, September 7st, 2016 –  Lamina Technologies announces the launch of the “Lamina Check-it” authentication solution developed in cooperation with Authentic Vision GmbH. “Lamina Check-it” is a sophisticated measure to protect customers and authorized distributors from non-authentic products. Customers can be certain they are receiving only genuine top quality Lamina Technologies products made in their factory in Switzerland.

The tagging comprises two fundamental parts.

1.    Secure Tag – Each individually numbered, copy-proof tag combines an encrypted data matrix code embedded with randomized hologram serving as an irreproducible fingerprint. This combination enables single-scan authentication via a mobile app. No other knowledge or tools are required.  The visual inspection of the integrity of the sticker on the insert packages ensures the contents were not tampered with.

2.    A “Lamina Check-it” mobile App – The free to download App is used for verification of authenticity – the automated digital authentication process enables users to confidently differentiate genuine Lamina’s tagged insert packages from products without tags or with copied or manipulated authentication stickers.

 “In today’s global market place, you can find unauthentic products of any kind. Companies who spent years manufacturing quality products and building a strong brand can have their products copied by unscrupulous manufacturers. In the machining industry, there is no room for compromise on the quality and performance of our cutting tools. Authentic Vision helped us implement a solution to reassure our clients they are getting products they can trust.”, commented Peleg Amir the CEO of Lamina technologies.

“We are pleased to be part of Lamina’s efforts to protect their brand and ensure the integrity and expected performance of its products. The whole team of Authentic Vision feels responsible and excited, that Lamina Technologies and their customers join us as new valuable partner in making the world a safer place”, Authentic Vision’s Vice-President of International Sales, Peter Kostur expressed his excitement for this new venture.


Lamina Technologies is a Swiss manufacturer of carbide cutting tools dedicated to developing advanced solutions for the machining industry. In 2003, Lamina Technologies introduced the innovative multi-material concept, Multi-Mat™, allowing customers to do more machining with fewer tools.

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Authentic Vision is an Austrian provider of mobile authentication solutions. Their patented technology enables brands around the world to team up with their customers to make the world a safer place by winning over counterfeits & grey market imports.

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