Smooth Ride

Salzburg, August 7th, 2019

Pouring counterfeit motor oil into a car, motorcycle or commercial engine could be a non-starter, literally.

That fake quart of 10/40W could ruin an engine and, to make matters worse, the damage caused by non-approved, non-specified lubricants is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Why? Because the brand on the box is fake and so is the product inside.

For end-users, saving five bucks on a lower cost item might cost them thousands of dollars in repairs. Consumers should beware especially of a recent rash of canola oil counterfeiters.

Every major lubricant brand is susceptible to thievery and deception, especially the “trusted brands.” Why? Because we trust them and take them at face value, without much scrutiny.

Intellectual property (IP) regulations help keep standards high for consumers, to public health and safety. IP laws protect innovations so the rightful owner can earn legitimate income from their creation.

Counterfeit lubricants, on the other hand, are manufactured with no regard for public safety. They may contain sub-standard formulas or elements (base oils and additives), or they’re not produced to manufacturer’s specifications. They could cause equipment failure, accidents, explosions, fires and other damage.

These lesser lubricants are produced cheaply, cost less at the point of purchase and may come in packaging that doesn’t look quite right (and isn’t!). They can be sold through unconventional outlets such as flea markets, online, or from people not normally associated with retail sales.

Lubricants are the lifeblood of your vehicle. They perform multiple critical functions:

  • Prevents friction between moving parts (lubricates)
  • Cools the engine by carrying heat away from moving parts
  • Cleans sludge from moving parts
  • Inhibits corrosion
  • Improves sealing

They also make your engine and your vehicle last longer. Why do consumers put that all at risk for a gray market, cheaper alternative?

Fortunately, there is now technology to combat the counterfeiters.

Authentic Vision’s smart technology includes the capability for precision detection and exact geolocation of counterfeiting attempts, increasing effectiveness and efficiency of enforcement efforts.

Manufacturing and supply chain processes are protected by real-time market data and insights on channel and buyer behavior. The mobile delivery of product information and product registration is enhanced by higher levels of consumer communication, engagement, and up/cross-selling.

Distributors and legitimate retailers can relax, knowing the technology now allows them to instantly verify authenticity.

Consumers can drive with confidence, knowing their engines and warranties are fully protected. It’s going to be a smooth ride.